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Digital Signage

Our server-client system provide full controls of the displays, from layouts design, scheduling, power on/off, all through a central web-base site. Below are some of our key features;

  1. Support of major file media format:
    • Videos: AVI, MPEG, FLV, PPT, MOV, WMV, DIVX
    • Images: PNG, TIF, JPEG
  2. Complex layout combining text, datetime, media, ticker, scroller, fader, html, table, TV slots
  3. Multiple Layout for Multiple DS
  4. Loop/rotates a list of layouts in DS
  5. Schedule Power ON and OFF for DS
  6. Standalone or Networks
  7. Dynamic text and table can be linked with external database and RSS feed.
  8. Web based layout designs.
  9. Counter displays, count down/up by day, min or number of file displayed.
  10. Run on Windows or Linux platform.
  11. Multi-language (Unicode) support.
  12. Support TV tuner and displays.
  13. Proven technology, deployed in major companies.



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