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Image, Photo library

Photo Library from FongTech is an exciting web based software product for storing online digital photograph images on your intranet. With the photo library software, photo images are made accessible throughout your organisation in a controlled and secure way. Photo Library is a server based product that is accessible by any web browser, allowing departments shared access to a library of digital photographs from their PC or mac. Photo Library has been designed as a business software product that utilises the power of your company's intranet. Contact us now to download and install the photo library software product for a free trial period with no obligation to buy.
  • Shared access to a centrally managed resource of photos at any time over an intranet for publication, corporate and archive purposes
  • Scorm 2004 Export
  • Auto Thumbnail and Watermarking
  • Secure Access, Controlled access using login name and password
  • Consistent use of meta data to index photographs
  • Image Format supported; jpg, png, psd, swf, eps, gif
  • Batch Images Import
  • Enhanced Searchable by Catalogue, keywords
  • Cross-Platforms